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Welcome to Balkan Fusion Food

This is the place where we serve up your classic American favorites for breakfast lunch and dinner, wit an extra helping of delicious desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. But hold on, because we are not stopping there! Our secret weapon is the Balkan cuisine and we are all about the homemade goodies.

We want to offer you the deliciousness of the Balkan cuisine. Picture some Cevapi, Pljeskavice, Sarma, Sausages, Soups, Burek and a whole lot more. We are bringing bold, savory flavours of the Balkans to your table. It's like a taste adventure that starts in the heart of the USA and takes you straight to the delights of the Balkan regions. You can expect:

  • Family and kid friendly environment.
  • Classic American dishes.
  • Traditional recipes from the Balkans.

Whether you are craving, a classic American comfort dish or want to spice things up with some Balkan specialties, our restaurant is the place to be. Get ready for a feast where every bite tells a flavorful story.

Why choose Our Restaurant

If you are still thinking about visiting our restaurant let us help you.



Indulge in our diverse restaurant experience, where we cater to every palate with a variety of sweet and savory options, gluten-free, alternatives, and specially curated kid's menu.



We embody a commitment to quality, presenting homemade dishes that are crafted with the freshets and finest ingredients for an unmatched dining experience.


Good service.

Experience the hospitality at our restaurant, where our warm, family-friendly service creates a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home.

Check our Specials

Here are our special dishes that you are guranteed to find almost nowhere.

Cabbage, rice and minced meat deliciousness

Delight in this Balkan classic, where tender cabbage leaves embrace a flavorful blend of seasoned meat and rice, creating a culinary masterpiece. Slow-cooked to perfection and served with a side of warmth, our Sarma special is a taste of tradition that promises to satisfy your cravings and transport you to the heart of Balkan culinary excellence.

Potatoes paired with minced beef and cheese topping

Indulge in te rich and savory flavors of our Musaka, a Balkan favorite that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. Layers of thinly sliced potatoes, seasoned ground meat, topped with cheese and eggs come together in a perfect harmony of textures and tastes. Baked to golden perfection, our Musaka is comforting delight that captures the essence of Balkan culinary tradition.

Stew meat chunks paired with vegetables and secret spices

Savor the robust flavors of our Turli Tava, a Balkan dish that promises taste adventure. This savory stew features a harmonious blend of tender meat chunks, assorted vegetables, and aromatic herbs, all slow-cooked to perfection. Every bite unveils a symphony of textures and tastes, creating a savory experience that embodies the essence of Balkan cuisine.

Balkan BBQ - The best way to have your meat

Our specialty lies in the art of the Balkan BBQ. Revel in the bold flavors of our sizzling Cevapi, mouthwatering Pljeskavice, flavorful Uvijaci, succulent Steaks, tender Chicken and hearty Sausages. Our grill master meticulously crafts each dish, bringing the authentic taste of Balkan BBQ to your plate. Join us for an unmatched dining experience, where our specialty is your satisfaction in every smoky, savory bite.

Burek - The king of pastries.

Burek is not just a pastry dish, it's an experience. Imagine biting into a crispy, flaky curst, and discovering a rich, savory filling of meat. Burek is a culinary treasure that spancs aross the Balkans. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity and try burek today! Recommended to have it with some Joghurt.

Beans and sausages - The balkan way.

Enjoy a hearty and satisfying meal with our beans and sausages dish, prepared with a traditional recipe from the Balkans. The dish features tender white beans simmered in a rich sauce flavored with garlic, paprika and bay leaves. The dish is topped with succulent sausages made to perfection. Perfect choice from cozy and comforting meal with bursting flavor.

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